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Industrial Automation Control Panel Troubleshooting

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4-Day Intensive: Mastering Industrial Automation Controls Panel Troubleshooting

Dive deep into the world of industrial automation controls with our hands-on, comprehensive 4-day training. Designed for professionals eager to elevate their skills, this course offers a blend of theory, practical insights, and real-world troubleshooting exercises.

Day 1: Laying the Foundations

  • Introduction: Kickstart your journey into the intricate world of automation controls.
  • Safety: Prioritize safety with best practices and guidelines.
  • Troubleshooting Essentials: Understand the art and science of effective troubleshooting.
  • Decoding OPENs and SHORTs: Get clarity on these fundamental concepts.
  • Ohm’s Laws Deep Dive:
    • Voltage: Explore AC Voltage, including Single and Three Phase.
    • Current: Understand its role and significance.
    • Resistance: Delve into the intricacies.
Circuit Board Repair Classroom

Day 2: Tools, Techniques, and Technologies

  • Essential Testing Equipment:
    • Digital Multimeter: Your go-to diagnostic tool.
    • Amp Meter: Measure with precision.
    • Oscilloscope: Visualize electronic signals.
    • Insulation Tester: Ensure safety and performance.
    • Power Supplies: Differentiate between AC and DC.
  • Deciphering Electrical Diagrams: Read and interpret with confidence.
  • Induction Motors: Dive into their operation and significance.
  • AC Drive (VFD): Understand its role in automation.


Day 3: Components – The Building Blocks

  • PLC: The brain behind automation
  • Component Mastery:
    • Relays, Contractors, Circuit Breakers: The switches and protectors.
    • Terminal Blocks, Encoder, Sensors: The connectors and detectors.
    • Power Supplies, Transformer, Fuses: The power managers.
    • HMI, Switches: The interfaces and toggles.


Day 4: Bringing It All Together

  • Catch-Up Session: Address any lingering questions or topics.
  • Hands-On Troubleshooting: Apply your newfound knowledge to troubleshoot a Control Panel, identifying and rectifying issues in real-time.

Experience Real-World Troubleshooting with Our Custom-Built Panel

At the heart of our training is our custom-built panel, meticulously designed with over 40 faults. This unique feature offers students an unparalleled hands-on experience, allowing them to diagnose and rectify real-world issues. It's not just about theory; it's about applying knowledge in a practical setting, giving you the confidence to tackle challenges in the field.

Empower Your Skills with Electronic Tech, Inc.

Our 4-day training isn't just about imparting knowledge; it's about building confidence, honing skills, and preparing you for real-world challenges. Led by industry experts with decades of experience, this course is your ticket to becoming a sought-after professional in the world of industrial automation controls.

Student Repairing PCB
Student Repairing PCB

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